What is Crop-Hail Insurance?

No matter how long they have lived here, virtually all Idahoans can attest to the Gem State’s unpredictable climate. Heavy rainfall and snow, fierce winds, hail, and other sudden weather events can wreak havoc on entire communities throughout the year, and many of these storms affect farms and ranches across the region. Hail and fire can cause swift yet severe damage and significant financial losses to farms and ranches, including that to buildings, equipment, and of course, crops.

Crop-hail insurance is widely considered a fundamental investment for farmers and ranchers in Idaho, especially since many parts of the state experience over a dozen extreme hailstorms per year. Hail has the power to destroy significant parts of fields, and it can be particularly difficult to predict in the forecast. Hail and fire are often catastrophic leading to low or no yield crops and loss of revenue, which is why it is crucial for Idaho farmers and ranchers to invest in crop-hail insurance.

Crop-hail insurance is set up in a way to protect agricultural products from harm, even before harvesting. Since it is a privately sold product, crop-hail insurance is not funded by the federal government, but rather underwritten by the Farm Bureau.

Thankfully, farmers can buy crop-hail insurance at any time during the year — whether or not it is harvest season — and still pay the same rates and premiums. Crop-hail insurance is sold by the acre and reimburses farmers for the value of any crops that have been lost or damaged due to hail or fire. As a result of this policy, farmers can protect areas of their land that are at greater risk of peril.

In addition to protecting farms from loss due to hail and fire, Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Idaho also offers extended wind coverage for certain crops, including wheat, barley, beans, peas, and corn.

Here in Idaho, our Agents and Crop Specialists understand the many gambles of Mother Nature. Hail and fire cause irreversible destruction, so investing in crop-hail insurance is a wise move for farmers and ranchers — because without it, your farm may be at risk of going out of business.

To learn more about Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Idaho’s crop-hail insurance coverage, reach out to your local agent.