Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Let’s hear it for all those recreational vehicles that help us make the most of this great state we enjoy so much. Whether it floats on a lake, crawls up an Idaho mountain, or is pulled down the highway to provide a home away from home, there’s a good chance we insure it. In fact, we’ve been insuring the recreational vehicle needs of people across Idaho for nearly 70 years. We provide our policyholders with more than recreational vehicle coverage, but also:

  • Customizable coverage to fit a particular lifestyle and budget
  • Convenient payment plans
  • Quick and easy claims service
  • Personal, professional service from a dedicated agen



From fifth wheelers to pop-up camp trailers, you’ll find a policy that makes sense for your lifestyle and outdoor recreational hobbies. You’ll find it comforting to know you’re covered even when you are out in the wild.

Golf Carts

Golf is a game that seems to grow in popularity each year and so does the need to have your cart insured. This is particularly true for baby boomers who are multi-tasking with their carts away from the course.


If there was ever a state where you can put an ATV to good use it’s got to be Idaho. From ranching and farming to big game hunting or even scenic riding, an ATV can cover a lot of bases. That’s why it’s necessary to know you are covered if your ATV is stolen or badly damaged.

Boats and Personal Water Craft

When all hands are on deck, it comforting to know your deck is covered with a Farm Bureau Insurance policy for boats. We have coverage to match your craft from small to large…and even when it may be just you and the waves.

Mopeds and Scooters

These motorbikes may not always get as much respect as their larger cousins, but when it comes to insurance we provide the same great coverage and attention to detail regardless of horsepower.

Dirt Bikes and Off-Road Motorcycles

Have fun, ride hard, but be safe. Even if your bike isn’t street-legal, it’s important to have insurance coverage.

Claims Services

Filing a claim is quick and easy. Call us anytime at 1-888-432-4527 or contact your agent. Your Farm Bureau Insurance agent is always available to conduct an overall insurance analysis to help ensure that you have the coverage that best matches your particular situation.