From Potato Picking to Wine Tasting: The Impact of Agritourism in Idaho 

Agritourism is a growing trend in Idaho, as visitors from across the state — and country — increasingly seek ways to connect with the land and support local businesses. Idaho’s thriving agricultural industry provides a wealth of opportunities for agritourism, from farm-to-table dining experiences to guided tours of working farms and ranches.

Agritourism is important for Idaho’s economy for several reasons. The Gem State is heavily dependent on agriculture as a primary industry, and agritourism provides an additional revenue stream for farmers and ranchers. By offering tours, activities, or classes on their property, they can diversify their income and support their livelihoods. Agritourism also helps promote Idaho’s agricultural products and traditions. Visitors are exposed to a variety of locally grown foods and products, thereby strengthening the local economy through increased sales and job opportunities.

Here are just a few examples of how Idaho’s farmers and ranchers are using agritourism to grow their operations.

Pick-Your-Own Produce and Flowers

One of the most popular activities for visitors to Idaho is picking their own produce and flowers. Many farms throughout the state offer pick-your-own options for fruits and vegetables, including potatoes, apples, berries, and pumpkins. These farms often provide the opportunity to learn about cultivation, harvesting, and the growing process itself, giving visitors a deeper appreciation for where their food comes from.


Idaho’s thriving wine industry is also a major draw for agritourism. The state is home to more than 50 wineries, many of which feature tasting rooms and tours of their vineyards. Visitors can learn about the production process and sample a variety of local wines, while also enjoying the scenic beauty of Idaho’s wine country.

Ranch Tours

For those interested in livestock farming, Idaho’s ranches provide a unique glimpse into the world of ranching and animal husbandry. Ranch tours and cattle drives give visitors the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with livestock and learn about the intricacies of life on a working ranch. Visitors can also witness sheep herding and sheep shearing demonstrations.

Gold Mining

In addition to its farms and ranches, Idaho also boasts a rich history of mining and other industries. Visitors can take guided tours of historic gold mines and learn about the state’s mining legacy. There are also opportunities to pan for gold and other minerals in some locations.

Local Produce

Agritourism in Idaho also offers the chance to support local businesses and communities. Many farms and ranches operate as small businesses, and agritourism provides a valuable source of income and support for these operations. Visitors can also purchase local products such as fresh produce and handmade crafts, supporting local artisans and entrepreneurs.

Grow Your Agritourism Business

Idaho’s natural beauty is a major draw for visitors. Agritourism destinations often feature stunning vistas of rolling hills, vineyards, and farmland. Visitors can experience the peace and tranquility of rural Idaho while also learning about its deep agricultural heritage. In recent years, the Idaho Department of Agriculture has strengthened agritourism promotion throughout the state. The department also offers resources, including marketing and promotional support, to farmers and ranchers interested in developing agritourism opportunities. This has helped to foster a growing community of agritourism operators in Idaho and raise awareness of the many opportunities available for visitors.

With its rich agricultural heritage and stunning natural scenery, Idaho is an ideal destination for agritourism. Visitors can learn about the production of some of the country’s most beloved crops, sample local wines and foods, and gain valuable insights into the workings of ranches and farms. Agritourism also provides a valuable source of income and support for local businesses and communities.

No matter what kind of Idaho ag operation you run, agritourism might be worth cultivating. To learn more about getting the right business insurance for your farm or ranch’s agritourism offerings, contact your local FBMICI agent.