Small Business Insurance

examples: Fine Dining, Delis, Fast Food, etc.

Running a successful food establishment is a big responsibility with lot of details and a schedule that seems to never end. Fortunately finding the right insurance coverage for your restaurant doesn’t have to be any trouble at all when you contact Western Community Insurance. We have any number of different approaches that we can customize to serve just the right combination of protection.

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Common Insurance Coverage

  • Building
  • Business personal property including property of your customers
  • Tenants’ improvements and betterments
  • Liquor liability
  • Fine art, including property of others in your care
  • Restaurant endorsement includes:
    • Spoilage
    • Food contamination
    • Advertising
    • Reward payment
    • Brands and labels
    • Ordinance or law for equipment
    • Lock replacement
    • Limited merchandise withdrawal expense

More Coverage Options