Additional Business Coverages

Our agents understand the needs of your business. Your business is unique and your agent can help you customize a policy to fit your business.

Additional Coverages

  • Preservation of property and debris removal
  • Water damage, liquid, powder or molten material
  • Business income
  • Extra expense
  • Pollution cleanup and removal
  • Civil authority
  • Money orders and counterfeit money
  • Forgery or alteration
  • Increased cost of construction
  • Business income from dependent properties
  • Glass expenses
  • Fire extinguisher systems recharge expenses
  • Electronic data
  • Interruption of computer systems
  • Limited coverage for fungi
  • Newly acquired or constructed property
  • Personal property off-premise
  • Limited coverage for outdoor property
  • Personal effects for your property, and property of your members, managers and employees
  • Valuable papers
  • Accounts receivable

Business Liability Coverage

  • Body injury and property damage
  • Personal injury and advertising coverage
  • Damage to property rented to you
  • Premises medical coverage

Optional Coverage

  • Equipment breakdown
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Money and securities
  • Outdoor signs
  • Hired and non-owned autos
  • Various additional insured endorsements
  • Many more coverages available


Coverage is generally for replacement cost. The following exceptions, however, will be adjusted based on actual cash value:

  • Some select buildings
  • Property of others
  • Used or secondhand merchandise
  • Manuscripts, works of art, antiques or rare articles
  • Tenants’ improvements or betterments
  • Money and securities (face value)