Winners Announced For Round 18

If you ever want to see a photographic essay on Idaho’s incredible beauty simply visit and click on the tab marked “gallery.” There you’ll find photos taken of Idaho from north to south and east to west. These delightful images were captured at various times during every one of our four wonderful seasons.

Winner 18

 In the section of the website titled “winners” you’ll also find a select group of photographs that have been deemed by the public and by the “Reason To Love Idaho” judges to be a cut above the rest. We truly feel every image submitted to the contest is unique and of special interest, but every so often a photo is taken that captures the light and the subject matter in some inexplicable way that makes the image remarkable. Every six weeks we have the privilege to share these fantastic images with the world on our website.

We have just completed round 18 of the contest, which means five more photos have been added to the winner’s circle for your enjoyment. Christian Rogers treated us to “Moonlit Payette” and received an iPad for 1st place. Another photo titled “Sunset” was sent to us by Edidiong Ekpo from Rexburg for which he received second place and $75. “Hunting Great Gray” was submitted to the contest by Adam Brubaker from Rexburg for third place and $50. Lori Spanbauer captured the “Blackfoot Bridge” and a $50 People’s Choice award as well.

Mike Ritchie’s creative entry titled “Where The Road Meets The Sun” won the Judges’ Choice during round 18 and was awarded $75.