Spring Cleaning: Get Motivated!

We all look forward to the warm, colorful signs of spring. Snow melts, flowers bloom and new life begins around us. We also start to notice the layer of road gravel on our garage floor, wind-blown dirt on our windows and the telltale remnants of winter’s mess throughout our homes and properties. We know it’s spring-cleaning time! But how do we get motivated?

spring cleaning motivate article

Aside from having a clean and organized home, here are some added benefits that may help you embrace the challenge this year and get started.

Remember: Clean is calm. Clutter, either out in the open or hidden away, weighs you down and causes stress. Spring cleaning gives you an opportunity to freshen up your space, creating a more inviting environment. You’ll feel more “at home” in your home, and more comfortable when guests drop by.

Clean homes are healthy homes. Flu season isn’t over yet. Bacteria and viruses can still quickly spread throughout the home by traveling on our hands from one surface to another. Wiping down doorknobs, banisters, light switches, thermometers and other hard surfaced areas will help prevent the spread of more harmful germs. Airborne allergens can also be managed by cleaning out your heat vents and intake filter of your home’s central air system.

Increased safety. Spring cleaning can also be an annual safety inspection. Eliminating clutter increases safety for young children, elderly and special needs individuals. Organizing boxes in the attic or basement is a great time to check for signs of water leaks or moisture buildup. It’s also a great time to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries and ensure the devices are working properly.

Home Inventory. At least once a year, it’s recommended that you take inventory of your personal belongings in your home. This can be extremely helpful if you were to lose your property in a fire, flood or other disaster. There are several approaches to taking home inventory. Click here for some ideas and suggestions.

Save money. How many times have you cleaned up a closet or drawer only to uncover things you never knew you had? Or paid a bill late because it was lost under a pile of papers? You’re not going to get rich from spring cleaning, but it can definitely add a few coins to the change jar. You can even make a little cash by organizing a yard sale.

Get active. Think about this: spring cleaning can burn calories. Using extra elbow grease on the floors, washing those hard to reach windows, hauling a heavy vacuum up the stairs — they all count as exercise too!

Give the kids some responsibility. Cleaning is a great opportunity to teach kids responsibility and give them (and you) a sense of accomplishment. Give them a project to tackle from start to finish like boxing up the clothes that don’t fit anymore. Don’t forget to set rewards for their hard work.

Now that you’re raring to go, let’s start with some spring-cleaning basics!