Roadside Assistance

Keeping You Moving

Your car doesn’t have to break down on the side of the road to leave you stranded. Sometimes mechanical problems are not obvious at first and can allow you to operate your vehicle seemingly normally for some time. These can include grinding brakes, rough idle, suspension problems or stalling. Many vehicle owners with a tight budget or busy schedule may wait longer than they should to get necessary repairs which can cause more damage and become dangerous.

You never know where you’ll be when the issue worsens and your car becomes inoperable. You could be at work, at the grocery store, or even at home. Having Roadside Assistance on your Farm Bureau Insurance automobile policy can help you get back on the road and on with your life. The extra safety and security Roadside Assistance provides can give you and your family peace of mind, whether you’re far from home or still in the driveway. In addition to towing services, Roadside Assistance also includes:

  • Unlocking the insured vehicle if the keys have been locked inside the vehicle or if the keys have been lost;
  • Changing/repairing flat tires;
  • Labor for on-site mechanical repairs;
  • Jump starting batteries;
  • Winching service;
  • Delivering motor vehicle fluids (including fuel, up to three gallons) to stranded motorists.

If your car breaks down and you have Roadside Assistance coverage, just call Claimsline at 1-888-432-4527 to speak to a customer service representative. Claimsline will immediately dispatch a pre-screened service provider to get you on your way. You can also try to find a reputable service provider yourself instead of calling Claimsline, but there are several good reasons to dial Claimsline instead.

  1. Claimsline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the United States and Canada.
  2. You’ll save time. You won’t have to search for reputable service providers. Claimsline service providers are pre-screened to meet certain standards.
  3. You’ll pay less. Using Claimsline can save you up to 40% on Roadside Assistance fees. Our Roadside Assistance service providers are contracted to provide discounted rates. Example: If you call a towing company directly, the average towing cost is $90-$100. The average towing cost through Claimsline is $60.
  4. There are no out-of-pocket expenses when you call Claimsline. We pay the service provider directly (up to the policy limit).
  5. These savings from calling Claimsline directly are passed along to you in the form of lower premiums.
  6. Roadside Assistance customers recently reported a 95% level of satisfaction.

Some parts of the country have statutes governing towing. These regulations are designed to increase safety and reduce congestion associated with towed vehicles. As a result, you may have to use a towing company outside of the Farm Bureau Insurance network. Although you will have to pay for this towing up front, Farm Bureau Insurance will reimburse you (subject to the limits of your policy).

Roadside Assistance is an add-on coverage to your policy and is only available to Farm Bureau Insurance policyholders, which is another great reason to insure with Farm Bureau Insurance.

If you don’t already have Roadside Assistance, you can add it to your policy by contacting your Farm Bureau Insurance agent.

Roadside Assistance will show up on your Squire policy declaration sheets under automobile coverage as “Roadside Assistance” with a $100 limit.

It’s comforting to know that if you do hit a few bumps in the road during your travels, your Roadside Assistance will be there with the right tools to rescue you.