Commercial Credit Card Refund Policy

Subject to the conditions described below, when a customer makes a credit card payment on a policy and that policy either cancels leaving unearned premium, or we owe the customer a return of premium because of a coverage reduction or overpayment, we will process a refund. This refund will be returned to the customer’s credit card or refunded in the form of a check mailed to the insured listed on the policy, within 30 days of the date we become aware of the refund or within 30 days of the date the customer requests the refund, whichever is sooner.

We have the option of retaining as a policy credit, any refund that is the greater of $100 or 5% of the policy premium. This credit will be applied to future policy changes or renewals. We will notify the customer of the credit and refund the credit at the request of the customer. If the refund amount is for the full amount of the credit card payment we have the option of making the refund through the credit card company as a credit to the customer’s credit card.

We will refund anything over $5.00 to the insured and will not bill under $10 (9.99) on canceled policies.  

Questions? Please contact 1-800-574-1514 ext. 4463.