Boating Safety

During the summer, many Idahoans take to the waters as a way to relax and escape the dry heat for a while. Our highways are packed with eager families heading to the reservoirs & rivers, boats in tow. While it seems like the perfect getaway, there are some very important factors to consider when setting out to the water.

Although most Idaho residents don’t use their boats for necessity transportation, boating is much like operating an automobile in that inattentiveness and oversights can lead to serious injuries and/or death. A solid understanding of watercraft rules & laws is important even before you take your boat out of the driveway. By the time you launch your boat, you should be familiar with it’s operations, it’s limitations, and the laws surrounding your use of it. A good place to learn some basics is

If your family is planning a water excursion this summer, whether just a “3 hour tour” across the reservoir or a full weekend of boating fun, take the time to ensure you’re fully prepared to make it a safe trip full of great memories. If you’re looking for great coverage on your boat (or RV), contact a Farm Bureau Agent today.