5 Tips to Cut Down Your Relationship with Plastic

Look around you right now. I bet you can count at least 10 things within your reach that are made of plastic. And perhaps half of those are something you intend to toss in the trash. According to earthday.org, about 8 million metric tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean annually. That is a cause for concern. You may ask yourself what you can do? Here are some steps that you can take that won’t impact you, but will make a positive impact on our environment.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bags)

Many grocery stores offer inexpensive, reusable bags right there at the check-out. And if you’re one that forgets your bags at home often, try this trick. When you get home and unload your groceries, clip your keys onto the handles of one of the bags. Next time you leave the house, you’ll have to grab a bag to grab your keys, which will remind you to put the bags back in your car.

Just Say No

We all enjoy grabbing a meal out from time to time. Next time, tell your server “No thanks” when they pass you a straw with your drink. And if you’re grabbing that meal to take home, pass on the plastic utensils and use your own cutlery at home.

Buy Bulk

By purchasing certain items in bulk, you’ll reduce the amount of packaging you’re tossing out. Consider buying airtight cannisters to store things like cereal and other dry goods in so you’re not wasting your food either.


In this day it is difficult to not rely on plastic in some way or another. Luckily, we can recycle most of it. Check with your local sanitation department and find out what you can recycle. Also check with your local grocer and see if you can recycle your empty grocery bags at the store.

Get Creative

For the plastic that we just can’t seem to part with, consider searching online craft sites for ways to cleverly turn those empty containers into works of art or handy gadgets. Many plastics around your house can be repurposed into something useful or something fun rather than tossing out.