Farm & Ranch Insurance

Farm Bureau Insurance is the number one insurance company for farmers and ranchers in Idaho. In fact, every year we write out more policies than any other company. Our insurance is preferred because our plans include farm liability and home insurance, along with auto and truck insurance. And we will personally come and examine your farm or ranch to help you decide how much coverage is right for you. Contact your Farm Bureau Insurance agent to get started.

We Know Idaho Farmers & Ranchers

The very foundation of our company is built on providing insurance to farmers and ranchers. Our professional staff is made up of people who have a personal interest in the agricultural affairs of Idaho.

It all started in 1947 after World War II. Farmers and ranchers in Idaho were frustrated because of the large amounts of money it took to buy insurance from traditional companies. The voices of the farmers came together and the Idaho Farm Bureau took the lead to form a casualty insurance company. It was very successful, with more than a thousand Idaho farmers and ranchers becoming policyholders.

Since our humble beginnings, we have provided Idaho farmer and rancher insurance to thousands of people just like you. Find a local Farm Bureau Insurance agent today.