Wounded Veteran Gives His Purple Heart to Farm Bureau

Miguel’s Purple Heart is held in the talons of the smaller eagle statue at the base of Farm Bureau’s The Color Guard eagle statue.

By Mike Myers

On June 20, 2008, Corporal Miguel Dominic of Pocatello was awarded the Purple Heart. On September 18, 2019, Dominic gave his Purple Heart to Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Idaho.

Miguel is awarded the Purple Heart medal.

“I wanted Farm Bureau to have it because of everything they’ve done for our veterans,” Dominic said.

On June 30, 2005, Dominic was manning a gun on a Humvee when it was hit by an improvised explosive device outside of Kirkuk, Iraq. “I went to grab my gun,” he recalls, “but before I knew it, my head snapped back and hit the armor shield. The guys told me later that I just dropped into the car like a rag doll.”

Unconscious for 45 minutes, Dominic was flown by helicopter to receive medical treatment for a concussion, three bruised ribs, and internal bleeding.

Dominic ordered a replacement Purple Heart but his original medal now resides at Farm Bureau’s Home Office. It is held firmly in the talons of a ceramic eagle he painted to serve as a display for the medal. The ceramic eagle is a smaller version of Farm Bureau’s The Color Guard eagle statue in the Home Office’s atrium.

Mike Myers, Director of Corporate Marketing, asked Dominic if he was certain he wanted to give up his Purple Heart. “He said he was sure,” Mike said, “because he knows how much Farm Bureau cares about veterans by putting on the Salute to Idaho Veterans event.”

“Farm Bureau is humbled and honored by Dominic’s gift,” Mike added. “It’s a poignant reminder of why we put on the Salute – to honor the brave men and women who are willing to sacrifice everything to protect the liberties we enjoy.”

Miguel Dominic and family at his Purple Heart ceremony