Health Insurance

Idaho Farm Bureau’s health and dental insurance plans through Blue Cross of Idaho offer all of the advantages of group coverage with the freedom of an individual policy.

For more information, contact your local Farm Bureau Insurance agent.

Healthcare Is Changing Rapidly

There are many types of healthcare plans, each with different costs and benefits. Choosing one can be daunting, yet one of the most important decisions you have to make.

The challenge is not just how to choose a plan, but making sure the plan you choose is right for your family and your budget. We are proud to offer the Farm Bureau plans, designed with your needs in mind.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

And Management Is the Best Remedy. That’s why we promote healthier living and preventive care through medically appropriate, high-quality and affordable healthcare.

We want you to stay healthy, happy and a productive member of our community. We offer you the health and well-being tools to make positive lifestyle changes and informed decisions about your health.

From the youngest to the oldest member, the fittest to those with the most challenging medical conditions, each Farm Bureau member is unique and important. Blue Cross of Idaho offers health management programs to help members maintain a healthy and robust lifestyle. These include preventive care services, education and self-management tools, and case and disease management.

For more information, contact your local Farm Bureau Insurance agent.