Protecting Your World

Have an Emergency Preparedness Plan

Although just September is National Preparedness month, the reality of dealing with a disaster doesn’t become any less plausible for the remainder of the year. Power outages, weather emergencies and even civil unrest can send you and your family into a survival-based panic. Having a plan is, by all means, the best plan. […]

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Do YOU need renters insurance?

Infographic depicting common scenarios that could require renters insurance

Renting a home can be a great relief from financial burdens because your landlord is responsible for maintenance, taxes and many repairs on the building. But what happens when your valuables are damaged, stolen or destroyed? What happens when a guest falls down your stairs and is injured? Without renters insurance, you could find out […]

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Wildfire Safety

Tips For Safe Living

Being Fire-Wise: Defensible Space From Rugged mountains to rolling foothills, majestic forests to green valleys, Idaho offers some of the most diverse landscape in the country and Idahoans have always embraced the unique opportunities to make our homes in these beautiful, unique lands. Since humidity is low and summer months can get quite warm, we […]

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Boating Safety

Happy kids wearing personal flotation devices on boat

During the summer, many Idahoans take to the waters as a way to relax and escape the dry heat for a while. Our highways are packed with eager families heading to the reservoirs & rivers, boats in tow. While it seems like the perfect getaway, there are some very important factors to consider when setting […]

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Travel Safety: Technology

vacation selfies: keep them at home

It’s rare to see travelers without some kind of electronic device helping them through a busy day of flight times, contact numbers, hotel addresses and step-by-step driving directions. They’ve become part of our every-day, and we’ve learned to depend on their immeasurable assistance during our travels. But just as airports, hotels and transportation companies have […]

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Snow Shoveling Survival

Snow Shoveling

It’s one of our least popular wintertime activities. Snow shoveling is a repetitive activity that can cause muscle strain to the lower back and shoulders. A 2009 medical study on snow-shovel-related injuries and medical emergencies, published in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, found that on average, 11,500 people across the country suffered snow-shovel-related injuries […]

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