Protecting Your World

A Home Inventory Will Help Protect Your World

Download a freeHome Inventory Worksheet Fire, flood, burglary and other disastrous occurrences can be stressful, but recovering from them can be even more challenging if you’re not prepared. Having a detailed list of your home’s contents could speed your claim processing, and provide documentation for tax deductions you can claim for your losses. […]

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Frozen Pipes

Idaho winters don’t always arrive as predicted. The tease of extended fall weather can end quickly and dramatically with surprise appearances of bitter cold fronts and underestimated snow storms. It’s easier than we think to be caught off-guard. A substantial concern for Idaho property owners during the winter is frozen waterlines. As most of us […]

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Winter Travel Safety: Technology

It’s rare to see travelers without some kind of electronic device helping them through a busy day of flight times, contact numbers, hotel addresses and step-by-step driving directions. They’ve become part of our every-day, and we’ve learned to depend on their immeasurable assistance during our travels. But just as airports, hotels and transportation companies have […]

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