Free Hawks Tickets 2019

Free Boise Hawks Tickets


Idaho Farm Bureau members get two free tickets to Boise Hawks games! Just show your proof of membership (a current Farm Bureau membership card or current Farm Bureau auto liability insurance certificate) at the Hawks ticket office prior to any regular season home game. Farm Bureau Insurance is a proud partner of Boise Hawks baseball. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and only while supplies last.


BOISE HAWKS VS      DATE                  TIME

Everett                                 Jun 17                    6:15

Everett                                 Jun 18                    6:15

Everett                                 Jun 19                    6:15                       Play Baseball Bingo!

Everett                                 Jun 20                    6:15

Eugene                                 Jun 25                    6:15

Eugene                                 Jun 26                    6:15                       Play Baseball Bingo!

Eugene                                 Jun 27                    6:15

Salem-Keizer                     Jun 28                    6:15

Salem-Keizer                     Jun 29                    6:15

Salem-Keizer                     Jun 30                    4:15

Tri-City                                  Jul 4                       6:15

Tri-City                                  Jul 5                       6:15

Tri-City                                  Jul 6                       6:15

Hillsboro                              Jul 11                     6:15

Hillsboro                              Jul 12                     6:15

Hillsboro                              Jul 13                     6:15

Eugene                                 Jul 14                     4:15

Eugene                                 Jul 15                     6:15

Eugene                                 Jul 16                     6:15

Salem-Keizer                     Jul 20                     6:15

Salem-Keizer                     Jul 21                     4:15

Salem-Keizer                     Jul 22                     6:15                        Play Baseball Bingo!

Hillsboro                              Jul 26                     6:15

Hillsboro                              Jul 27                     6:15

Hillsboro                              Jul 28                     4:15

Vancouver                          Jul 29                     6:15

Vancouver                          Jul 30                     6:15

Vancouver                          Jul 31                     6:15                        Play Baseball Bingo!

Vancouver                          Aug 1                     6:15

Eugene                                 Aug 8                     6:15                        Play Baseball Bingo!

Eugene                                 Aug 9                     6:15

Eugene                                 Aug 10                   6:15

Spokane                              Aug 11                   4:15

Spokane                              Aug 12                   6:15

Spokane                              Aug 13                   6:15

Hillsboro                              Aug 31                   6:15



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